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Trial Practice Tips: Outstanding Index to 7 years of trial practice tips found at The Trial Practice Tips Weblog of Evan Schaeffer Need a mentor that doesn't ramble and tell you one war story after another like I do when asked a question? Want to pick up some tips, tricks, and trivia? Want them organized by subject? Then here is a start. Evan Schaeffer has been sharing his trial practice tips, gems, and topics since 2004 with a lotta posts. Here is an index he posted on 9/13/2011 that permits you to peruse by topic. Thanks Evan. by Evan Schaeffer Since I started this weblog in January, 2004, I've written 947 posts, enough material for a good-sized book. Most of these posts are assigned to one or more categories. You can get to these categories by clicking on the list that appears on the left side of the weblog. I've also listed the categories here, followed by the number of weblog posts that have been assigned to each: Appeal 26 Books 31 Class Actions 26 Closing Argument 28 Courtroom Tech 31 Cross-Examination 44 Current Affairs 5 Damages 14 Depositions 157 Direct Examination 14 Discovery 88 Evidence 46 Experts 53 Instructions 10 Law Online 36 Legal Writing 61 Mediation/Arbitration 8 Miscellaneous 83 Motion Practice 37 Opening Statement 19 Pleadings 5 Requests for Admissions 10 Settlement 6 Trial Style 37 Voir Dire 36 Web/Tech 65 Weblogs 27 Thanks for reading the Trial Practice Tips Weblog. And here is a post from June 11, 2010 as a teaser for those too lazy or busy to click and and follow the road to other links. The Zen of Trial Practice Here's a novel idea for lawyers from a new law blog, Seattle Zen Legal Blog: "Thou Shalt Not Be a Pompous Ass"-- As an attorney I work on treating all people with dignity and respect. This is the right thing to do. Sadly there are lawyers...

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