Monday, October 08, 2012

Courier-Journal: "Senate President David Williams would consider appointment to circuit court bench" The rumors of the past several weeks has gained traction with a formal response by Senate President David Williams that he would consider accepting an appointment to the circuit court bench. Nothing about him or another submitting his name to the Judicial Nominating Commision for the circuit in question or if a "deal" or "arrangement" has been struck to hasten his exit from the state senate. This is not the first time that our Governor has used the judicial vacancy appointment process to solve his partisan political issues in state government by "rewarding" them with distinguished judicial appointments which enhance the opponent's prestige, position, and pensions. Now to consider appointing Williams to the bench is to politicize the judiciary in a way that can only puzzle court watchers who want an independent and judicious judiciary and not a haven for politicians in their twilight moments. Or as Shoeless Joe Jackson was queried (my parody): "Say it ain't so, Stevie!" Of course, in baseball being sent to the bench was not a good sign for a ball player. The nominating commission is scheduled to meet on Oct. 26 to consider the appointments. However, there is more than just considering a nomination, Mr. Williams will have to have his name submitted to be considered. When a judicial vacancy occurs, the executive secretary of the JNC notifies all attorneys and the public in the affected judicial circuit or district. Attorneys can recommend someone or nominate themselves. Interested attorneys must complete an application and return it to the executive secretary of the JNC. The chief justice meets with the JNC to select three nominees and then forwards those names to the governor. The names of the three nominees are listed in alphabetical order without indicating the commission’s preference. The governor must appoint a judge...

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